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Might as well update as well

Sunburn x5
Muscle Museum x2
Unintended x3

New Born x10
Bliss x8
Citizen Erased x3
Feeling Good x7
Micro Cuts
Plug In Baby x10

Hysteria x10
Butterflies And Hurricanes x8
Apocalypse Please x3
Stockholm Syndrome x10
Time Is Running Out x10
Blackout x2
Sing For Absolution

Map Of The Problematique x10
Supermassive Black Hole x10
Soldiers Poem x6
Invincible x10
Starlight x10
Take A Bow x10
Knights Of Cydonia x10
Assassin x2
Hoodoo x6
City Of Delusion x4

Forced In x7
Man Of Mystery
Osaka Jam

That's near enough anyway
Originally Posted by judderman View Post
i believe if it is anyones fault it is rubber kirks fault.
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