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I suppose I might aswell do a list too, mine's not even remotely as impressive as others on here though

Sunburn x 1
Unintended x 1

New Born x 3
Bliss x 2
Plug In Baby x 3
Citizen Erased x 1
Micro Cuts x 1
Feeling Good x 3
Megalomania x 1

Time Is Running Out x 3
Stockholm Syndrome x 3
Hysteria x 3
Blackout x 1
Butterflies and Hurricanes x 1

Take A Bow x 3
Starlight x 3
Supermassive Black Hole x 3
Map of the Problematique x 3
Soldier's Poem x 2
Invincible x 3
Assassin x 1
Exo-Politics x 1
City of Delusion x 2
Hoodoo x 2
Knights of Cydonia x 3

Fury x 1

As you can tell by the fact Time is Running Out, Plug In Baby and New Born all have (x 3) next to them, I have only seen Muse 3 times.

Looking at that, it's actually quite a shame I've not seen a great deal of songs from my favourite album (Absolution).
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