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6. kalau sampai waktu raya suruh saje someone redirect ke rumah saya hehehehe

7. awesome! tapi mane boleh pakai t-shirt muse pegi keje.

Originally Posted by guilt-stricken View Post
No, I can't make it I'm afraid I've got my finals huhu. More info about that Mika Hakkinen appearance can be found here.

Are you planning to catch Moto GP @ Sepang btw?

I'm so stoked that Fisichella will be driving a Ferrari this weekend. So happy for him!! <3 Did you hear rumours about Kimi wanting to quit F1 by the end of this season?
aww.. good luck for yr finals! thanks for the link. so excited to see Mika! i have a thing with finnish drivers haha.. no la am not going to Moto GP. not really into it.

you are? i don't actually Fisi but meh.. don't care la as long as Kimi is still in the race. yeah.. i heard about him wanting to quit.

Originally Posted by madraulix View Post

anyway, saya sudah tanya itu orang kat Sudut Batu (Rock Corner?) dan dia kata mungkin hari selasa/rabu sebab sudah dalam perjalanan. dia kata pasti minggu depan akan keluar
Selasa? wooooooot! saya akan ke Sudut Batu hari selasa nanti. tapi kalau tak sabar sangat saya mungkin akan ke sana hari Isnin nanti.
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