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'Dig Down' Charts Update:

#3 Peak at US Alternative Rock Airplay (20 weeks on chart)
#6 Peak at US Rock Airplay with over 7 million weekly audience
#27 Peak at US Mainstream Rock (14 weeks on chart)

'Dig Down' Unofficial Estimated Approx Revenue Chart for Rights Holders (Record Label, Artist, Songwriter, and Music Publisher):

$84,000 (12 million Spotify worldwide streams/1,000 x $7.00)*
$48,000 (4 million Apple Music worldwide streams/1,000 x $12.00)*
$12,000 (15,000 digital worldwide downloads on Apple iTunes, Amazon, et al x $0.80) Record Label and Artist
$12,000 (12 million global YouTube views [Official, Lyric, AI, Nashville, Colbert]/1,000 x $1.00)*
$4,800 (40,000 USA terrestrial radio spins x $0.12) Royalties for Songwriter and Music Publisher
$1,365 (15,000 digital worldwide downloads x $0.091) Mechanical Royalties for Songwriter and Music Publisher

In addition, the track earned an undisclosed sync fee from the CW television network in the US and performance royalties from other streaming services (Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody, Soundcloud, et al) and satellite radio (SiriusXM).

*Source: RIAA Report from March 2017 - Other studies indicate the estimated per stream rate may be closer to 60%-80% of the rates cited above due to different rates for paid subscription and free ad-supported tiers among the various audio and video streaming services in markets around the world

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