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Originally Posted by haze015 View Post
I don't think you need to record a flute solo in stereo, unless you're trying to capture room ambience at the same time.

A LDC should be fine, never found a half decent one to be "bright", just add a touch of presence as they tend to boost around 12K if my memory serves me right, I don't think that would be an issue with a flute.
I don't know if this has any basis in logic, but I always thought that with a moving performer, you've got more chance of getting something that sounds "consistent" with a stereo pair.

If you have the guy standing facing the front, and your best flute sound (I wouldn't know) is just to his left, you stick your mono mic there. Then, when he's performing, he starts to sway a bit, rotating to his right, away from the mic, creating an inconsistent level. If you have a stereo pair facing him, he will be rotating within the field of recording. You will be able to hear him swaying side to side.
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