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Originally Posted by Factor545 View Post
yeah I imagine a pair of condensers would do the tick, I doubt there would be any issues with brightness as its not like they will boost highs a huge amount (if at all), but any nasty tone can be taken out in the DAW as tom said.

As for positioning, just set the two mics up say, between 0.5-1 metre apart and get your musician to stand between the two and move backwards and forwards to just try and find the sweet spot, remember that the harder he plays, the higher the input will be, so if you get the levels set fairly high whilst he is playing at a moderate volume, if he plays heavily, it will clip.

Also, as you are using two mics, you need to try to make sure that he is as dead centre between the two mics as you can get him, else you might get some phase issues, not the end of the world if the final take does have phase as that can easily be solved, but it is something to take into consideration!
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