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Originally Posted by frozenbanana View Post
Bloody hell

It's not like the alternative is better though... if you had to choose, would you rather they were blatantly ripping off artwork from other people, or commissioning shite like the T2L Brain Scan or the Drones cover (Man Controls Man using Giant Sausage)?

(don't even get me started on this as well: )
The T2L cover wasn't commissioned, it was directly taken from an actual study that Matt found online. Really interesting stuff actually, but no idea what it had to do with T2L other than Matt's fondness for incorporating science/politics into his more recent works without getting the point across well.

Hearing they'd brought on Mahurin for the Drones art was an eyeroll from the second I heard it. That guy's been terrible since always.
Of course, again, his staggeringly immature themes fit the Drones lyrics pretty damn well.
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