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Drones 360 Stage Arena World Tour:

Box Office: $80 million (est.)

Tickets Sold: 1.1 million (est.)

Average Show Attendance: 14,325

Average Show Gross: $1,040,000

Start date: 17 November 2015

End date: 21 June 2016

Number of shows: 77 total (26 in North America and 51 in Europe)

Number of cities: 47

Number of countries: 24

Countries ranked by est. tour concert attendance:

200k USA
177k UK (144k England; 22k Scotland; and 11k Northern Ireland)
110k France
82k Canada
74k Mexico
67k Italy
60k Belgium
55k Germany
50k Netherlands
34k Portugal
33k Spain
26k Switzerland
20k Russia
16k Norway
15k Denmark
15k Austria
15k Czech Republic
13k Sweden
12k Finland
10k Ireland
10k Lithuania
9k Latvia

Note: 12 Muse arena gigs in Asia and South America earlier in 2015 grossed $10 million and sold over 130k tickets

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