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2016 Top Tours (January-June) ranked by estimated total gross ticket sales for all shows (excluding festivals like Glastonbury) taking place during the first half of this year:

$170m - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
$135m - Beyoncé
$127m - Coldplay
$90m - Adele
$84m - The Rolling Stones
$82m - Madonna ($88m total gross in 2015)
$73m - Justin Bieber
$70m - Muse* ($23m total gross in 2015)
$60m - Rihanna
$50m - Iron Maiden
$45m - Paul McCartney
$40m - Guns N' Roses
$35m - Maroon 5 ($72m total gross in 2015)
$30m - Carrie Underwood

*65 arena concert dates (51 in Europe + 14 in North America) with over 900k tickets sold plus one UEFA EURO 2016 France special football fan-zone gig in Paris with 50k tickets sold on 28 June 2016

Note: Pollstar will likely release its 2016 Mid-Year Top 100 worldwide tours list next month so the rankings and ticket sales revenue figures above could change somewhat.

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