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Originally Posted by MartianSpaghettiRider View Post
Er... I have a feeling you might like NKOK more.
You know the times you were criticising Revolt for inciting to rise up in a silly way considering the band's background?
Well, there's also a phrase in Dig Down that goes like this:
"With a gun to your head / You must find a way".
Reading the Dig Down lyrics, I think the two songs are different in a significant way.
Dig Down, as clumsy as it still is, is saying that you have to try and find hope no matter how bad the situation is. You can't just give up. And as much as I suck at that, I do agree with it.

Revolt on the other hand states that the answer to all life's problems is being positive, by thinking differently one can shape the world around them. It pretty much paints people who face hardship as bringing it on themselves, or at least allowing themselves to be victims, through not having the right mentality. When this is a very real political position, it becomes a little frightening (and reprehensible,) when applied to even just the topics the song brings up.
Dig Down doesn't really seem to present "finding faith" as an answer to the ills of the world, but rather a necessity to avoid giving in to depression, and at least implies that it's not as simple as Revolt would have you believe.

That said, the big reason Revolt's childish chorus lyrics irk me (other than the lame Tea Party mentality) is simply because I think the song sounds really good, and they're a black stain on something I want to really enjoy.
The song would have worked a hell of a lot better in the original "reversed" Drones story where someone was optimistically na´ve about changing the world, or being above it, and then ends up being crushed under the weight of the problem. I really like the idea of Revolt/Defector into Mercy.
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