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Originally Posted by Cyfo_Diaz View Post
Like that

My stuff:

Not pictured/setup:
Epi SG, Ibanez RG, old squire strat, appallingly bad acoustic.
KP2, FF, EHX russian small stone, boss MD2, dunlop crybaby

The MA looks great - I really like the fretboard on that one...not really a fan of dark rosewood for some reason. I guess because it doesn't show the grain well

Originally Posted by IntelligentAl View Post
Yeah I was using a 60s Top Boost a few weeks ago and it took me about five minutes to realise that the controls were backwards, not something I had time to get used to.

Sounded nice though, particularly the cleans. I can only imagine how great having a Vox on one channel and a Marshall on the other must be, thats actually an extremely cool idea.
Well it's modeled on a fender bassman, but that doesn't mean Marshall didn't copy the circuit for their JTM45

While those distorted tones sound pretty nice, I really only had the clean sound in mind with this amp - so it really won't break up even at high volumes.

I wish there was a way to blend the two sounds. That can probably be done with an A/B/Y box though. Might give it a try later actually.
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