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Latest 'Dig Down' US radio airplay chart moves compiled by Billboard/Nielsen Music:

#7(+1) Alternative Songs w/ 1500+ weekly plays - 6 weeks on chart
#11(+1) Rock Airplay w/ 5 million audience
#32(+3) Mainstream Rock Songs

Muse Fanbase Overview in SYRIA from Sept 2014-June 2017

40,152 Total Artist Views in Damascus during this period according to YouTube Insights

Ten Most Popular Tracks:

Undisclosed Desires
47,068 total views

19,022 total views

Supermassive Black Hole
17,119 total views

Uprising - Radio Edit
13,303 total views

11,824 total views

Starlight (Live)
5,963 total views

3,429 total views

Time is Running Out
2,833 total views

Dig Down
2,178 total views

2,115 total views
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