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'Dig Down' gains airplay spins and audience but spends a 2nd consecutive week at #8 on the Billboard US Alternative Songs chart, holds for a 3rd week at #35 on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart, and debuts at #29 on the Triple A (Adult Alternative) Songs chart.

'Dig Down' Hypothetical Estimated Revenue Chart for Rights Holders (Label, Artist, Publisher/Songwriter) by Service:

10,000 iTunes US Digital Downloads x $0.90 ($1.29 less Apple's 30% share) = $9,000 ($910 for publisher/songwriter)

6 million Spotify Global Streams x $0.005 per stream (Avg Premium and Free with ads) = $30,000

7 million YouTube Global Views x $0.0008 per view (1/6 of Spotify's rate) = $5,600

Average Estimated Cost for a Music Video: $50,000 - $500,000 Range

*Most artists receive royalties (10-20%) under their contracts with record labels but a few veteran artists own their catalog masters like Metallica while other artists have licensing deals and/or joint venture/profit split deals with their labels. Some also have 360 contracts where labels take a cut from all of an act's revenue streams including touring and merchandise.

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