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Originally Posted by titoufou17 View Post
Do we have any idea of the total number of physical albums Muse have sold since their debuts ?

And the total audience since their debut ?
Unofficial Career Estimates:

19 Million Albums Sold (Physical + Digital) including 5m in the UK, 3.8m in France and 3.6m in the US

1.5 Million TEA Albums Sold (15 million tracks sold 10) including 10m in the US and 3m in the UK

1.0 Million SEA Albums Sold (1.5 billion audio streams (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Other Services 1500)

TOTAL: 21.5 Million Muse Albums Sold Worldwide

6 million audience for concert gigs (arenas, stadiums, amphitheatres, clubs) including 5.4 million from 2006-2017

6 million audience for festival gigs, U2 support, London Olympics, UEFA Paris Eiffel Tower, Live 8 Versailles (200 shows x 30,000 avg attendance)

TOTAL: 14 Million Muse Global Concerts Audience

P.S. An estimated global television audience of over 700 million viewers watched Muse perform at the 2012 London Olympic Games closing ceremony (31 million missed it in the USA because NBC edited it out) while 27 million viewers in the US saw Muse perform at the GRAMMY Awards ceremony in 2011 in Los Angeles CA. In addition, about 10 million cable TV viewers saw Muse perform at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York City and a combined TV audience of around 18 million watched Muse play on Saturday Night Live two nights in 2009 and 2012 in NYC and the NCAA Final Four concert in Atlanta in 2013.

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