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Well, I had a great time at this gig because hey, free Muse gig and it was a really fun meetup. The crowd was indeed lame, but that's about what I would expect for a show like this. I got into it as much as I could, and I was surrounded by fans, but when you consider the enormity of the crowd (100,000 or whatever), the real fans are a drop in the bucket. I def. would have gone more mental if the crowd was more into it. I did see a lot of Muse shirts throughout the day, though.

I was on the barrier on Matt's side behind the big VIP section which was full of ingrates. So that was annoying, seeing how bored most of them were. But at least I had an unobstructed view. That section was practically empty.

When they played Survival with the smoke and everything, I was like "what, is that it?" That would've sucked. It was hilarious when the power went out during FM. OMG. I'm just so glad they didn't bail and were able to fix the problem. I was nervous they might just say fuck it. I was a bit disappointed that the crowd didn't do the KoC "ohhhh ohhhhoh ohhhh ohhhh" singalong, but it's not surprising, I guss. Anyway, 13 songs was actually more than I was expecting. I was holding out hope they might play Bliss, but alas. It was cool seeing a festival setup w/ the visuals, though.

So glad they are coming back in September!
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