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The show was great! The setlist was expected because they were streaming and it was a free event, plus shorter than the arena shows. Regardless, I enjoy the hits and singles! Just because they're not b-sides doesn't mean they aren't Muse!

After Flo Rida, I was walking around near the Coca-Cola World and happened to see some black SUVs drive by with a police escort. That was intriguing because in Tampa several of us waiting to meet the guys after the show were told they left in similar vehicles. I waited a few minutes and they pulled around and into the backstage area. I saw Matt get out of one of the cars, so I knew where to go after the show!

I shot the band from the photo pit for the first three songs, doing an article for a local newspaper back home. After the set, I went around back and waited for the guys to come back to the cars. It took a bit of waiting, around an hour, but they came back. I shouted at Matt and he waved, but it didn't seem they were going to come to the fence! Then, Chris jumped up onto the fence and chatted with us for a bit. I got a couple of CDs signed, just by Chris but that will do for now! After six shows, this was a treat! He was quite nice and it was really unexpected.
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