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okay, here we go:

Bliss x4
Plug In Baby x4
New Born x4
Time Is Running Out x4
Hysteria x4
Stockholm Syndrome x4

Knights of Cydonia x3
Supermassive Black Hole x3
Map of the Problematique x3
Forced In x3
Butterflies & Hurricanes x3
Feeling Good x3
Sunburn x3
Invincible x3
Starlight x3
Take a Bow x3

Sing For Absolution x2
Hoodoo x2
Apocalypse Please x2
Soldiers Poem x2
Blackout x2
Citizen Erased x2

Ashamed x1
Unintended x1
City of Delusion x1
Showbiz x1
Burning Bridges x1
Thoughts of a Dying Atheist x1
Space Dementia x1
Endlessly x1
The Small Print x1
Muscle Museum x1

Darkshines... Bringing it down! Making my arse feel sore... 'Cuz it's gaaaaaaaaaaay!
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