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Originally Posted by Tjet View Post
Would never put it ahead of Abso. I know it gets praised (mainly by Static) for it's experimental and creepy vibe, but that only goes for a handful of the songs, the rest is basically mediocre rock and acoustic ballads.
Forced In, Shrinking Universe, Recess, Yes Please, The Gallery, and Hyper Chondriac Music do give it a really interesting vibe that's pretty unique in Muse's back catalogue - although it is one that definitely leaks into some OOS tracks. They're all raw but atmospheric and even a little creepy, with some amazing riffs and ideas. But the record's definitely patchy as a whole. The other 4 tracks range from ok or enjoyably daft, to forgettably mediocre, making it feel very much like the (mainly) OOS B-Side album it is. Still, it offers an intriguing insight into another side of the recording process of one of my favourite albums of all time, capturing Muse at their creative height experimenting with different sounds. In terms of invention and my own taste, I'd rather listen to those 6 Hullabaloo tracks mentioned above than the vast majority (if not quite entirety) of Muse's last three albums.

It would have been fascinating to have seen them go further down the more atmospheric and experimental route that Hullabaloo hints at. But if they had, then they really wouldn't have escaped the endless Radiohead comparisons! And it may have just resulted in an album of Endlessly-esque tracks. No one really wants that.
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