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Originally Posted by dan. View Post
I have a DSLR but I'd still consider myself a photography 'n00b'. What's a HDR?
It's short for High Dynamic Range, a method where photos with different exposures are blended into one. ( - this has a pretty nice explanation for it, if you scroll down a bit.)

So if you take three shots of the same scene:
1. normal
2. underexposed
3. overexposed

and then blend it together, the general image will come from 1, the brighter areas are taken from 2 (so the sky isn't too bright and you actually see the clouds etc) and darker areas from 3 (so instead of having a tree silhouette you can see the colours on the tree etc). This way you can turn a photo with near-white sky and dark trees into one colourful shot where you can see everything properly.

It can be awesome when done well and really terrible if you over-do it.
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