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Muse>Ed Sheeran (in one market at least)

First week sales comparison in France:

Drones 78k - Debut #1
41k - Debut #2

Muse Trivia: Which B-side is probably the only instance of a Muse track where the majority of the song's performances (6) were in Canada? The other performances took place in the USA (3) and the UK (1).

'Rose-tinted view
And satellites that
Compromise the truth

But I wanted more
With the cuts and the bruises
Touch my face
A hopeless embrace

It drives me away
But it turns me on
Like a stranger's love

It rockets through the universe
It fuels the lies and feeds the curse
Believes we could be glorious...'

Live Performance of this rarity aka DES and Church of the SubGenius in Ottawa in 2004:

Bonus Track on BHaR Japan Edition and US iTunes:

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