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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
Dear Niall,

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Also, I didn't realize Neil couldn't still see the mod section. I thought he'd have some very useful opinions and advice to give out to us. Like...

many thanks,
Yes, they have very when they go and there hasn't that many when there have been because there can be surplus when the forward to go there is illegitimate when they can have some. It's always there can have none for that. Congratulations.

Originally Posted by Neil. View Post
We had some good ideas in those days that weren't implemented. I'd love to have another crack at it, but maybe not till may, when i'm all done. I spent most of my time deleting spam hahaha!
Yeah aha, spam deletion was the main part of it and now we very rarely every have to do that. Mod time is spent actually moderating! A lot of the ideas we had back then are still in consideration, reincorporated into future plans. there's stuff in the works that make things all nice and stuff /vague.

Originally Posted by Neil. View Post
had to read that line like 4 times, and i still cant make heads or tails of it. I blame sleep deprivation.

Can the other ex-cons mods still see the mod section?
Hawkward Such questions are, er, best left in the Dear Kev forum...
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