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Originally Posted by Neil. View Post
Dear Niall,

Yeah I miss the mod section. Although with thesis stuff this year, I wouldn't be on it much at all. Good work with the tag though!

I'm also not excited about christmas, for the same reason. My thesis is due in 10 days. I'll get shit faced on brandy and port once it's done, and fall asleep in/under the tree. Seems like a legit way to celebrate christmas, right?
I miss the old mods in general. I sometimes look at the old mod forum to reflect on it You know you're the last person to post in them so there will be an eternal
"The random points thread
by Neil.
15-07-2011 10:46 PM "

It's weird reading through it. It's funny because all the things everyone is complaining at the new team about are things Blee told us to do over a year ago! (maybe I shouldn't say this out the mod forum but no one is reading this anyway xD)

I don't think that's legit, I think it's mandatory! And you'd be doing a disservice to the most popular and probably most offensive of all Irish stereotypes if you didn't get completely wasted.
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