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Unsure Weird shit going down (or should I say up?)

Hey, I've just returned to the Muse forums after quite a while away and have noticed a rather weird change to the way that posts are ordered in threads. Is it just me having this problem (surely not?). Basically, opposed to the old way of newest posts on the last pages of a thread (and posts and their replies reading top to bottom), the forum now displays newest posts on page 1 of the thread and the order of posts read from the bottom to top of the page. This really confused me! Is this an actual permanent change to .mu or is it some late April fools joke that everybody else failed to mention on the help thread?
(or maybe someone has already mentioned it and I failed to see the search result)
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Larry, "Techno Lovesex" glow-in-the-dark condoms....


They sound like what Matt might've been wearing as he wrote Undisclosed Desires
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