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I think they just stopped playing old rare songs because they like better their new stuff. Their into it, I mean, they got better and appreciate more what they do recently ... I don't think they like more their old songs (that would be strange and depressing lol) ! They do what they want.

My dream setlist would be longer than it is now, and I wish Matt will still play the piano, because it's just so nice to hear. I wish they keep some very rockin' songs like Stockholm Syndrom and I don't mind if they stop playing Feeling Good. It's okay, as long as they still have a balance between calm and rockin' songs.

But seriously, I hope their new album won't be too classical.Honestly, most of the time their crazy songs like Hysteria or New Born are a success, right ?

I love Muse so much, it would be damn sad for the future tours to be deceiving ! But they won't be ... right ?
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