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Originally Posted by eh_D View Post
I agree that if you use it a lot or you're heavy handed the switches won't last. The mechanism just isn't robust enough.
I don't use them a whole lot, and I don't think I'm really heavy handed or anything. The main issue is that they seem to become noisy on their own after a while.

I've only had one switch fail (which I've partially repaired as I don't want to deal with replacing it) but it wasn't the same type they use now.

Originally Posted by Jaicen View Post
It's a matter of metal fatigue I guess, I don't think there's any way around it.

Gibson's headstock design is mental, there's so little wood around the truss rod adjuster it's almost guaranteed to fail. And yet they keep banging them out, and people keep lapping them up because they're 'vintage correct'
The only way around it is getting a kill button

and yeah. It's actually impressive that it lasted that long... three months

Especially considering:

You can see it go flying at the end there.

Originally Posted by Alex View Post
Since we're in the same boat i'd really appreciate any info you find out when you get it please! Here's to us both securing one on the next run
This reminds me of Bs and Drunk Dizz.
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