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That PIB performance is what really got me into Muse, fun fact. Heard the studio version and got addicted to the energy it had but the HAARP version was the first that popped up on YT so, even though I never usually watched live vids, I ended up clicking on that. Watched the performance, saw the stage and visuals, the siren intro, the mirror Manson, Matt's run down the catwalk while busting out that extended solo then laying his guitar on the ground - legit blew my mind.

They seemed like three regular dudes (almost nerds even, in Matt and Dom's case) and I didn't know something that huge, flashy and fantastical could come from anyone who wasn't your typical larger-than-life rock star. Up 'til that point, 'rock' to me was either indie kids in polo shirts or the whole 'good looks, sunglasses, cigarrettes and gravely voices' shabang. Seeing these quite camp looking guys who barely say a word but have an entire stadium going mad simply by being really good was super inspiring to a 12/13 year old. Safe to say it made me start taking guitar more seriously

So yeah, love u haarp <3 you deserve a blu-ray re-release
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