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Originally Posted by paper tiger View Post
yeah why would anyone sit at a concert?
i remember back in 99 or '00 when i was in middle school i went to a bsb concert w/ my friends. the lady behind us said
"could you guys not stand during the show, my daughter won't be able to see too well"

seriously we just ignored her and enjoyed the show.

..the nerve of people to assume we should sit on our asses when we pay over $40 for a ticket to ENJOY the show.
If it was someone with a young kid, I'd probably offer to switch seats so that I could stand and they could still see, but otherwise I agree with you.

Originally Posted by danger View Post
They do.

Even though I'm reliving past gigs for other bands, there are at lease some general lessons to be taught.
Ossum. I need to see them one day.

Originally Posted by hysteria87 View Post
Great advice, everyone. I've had a pretty tame time at Muse gigs, to say the least. Worst pit was Fall Out Boy (lol) but that was a perfect storm of drunk frat boys and 14 year old girls who had never been in a pit and wanted Pete Wentz.

The best thing my group did was bring a big box of pop tarts. 1 box will work for a group of 3-4 and any that are left over, send them up the line. Packaged food is great. Sharing is caring, especially when sitting in line for 6+ hours.
POP TARTS <3 Always good to try and share what you've got though. . .means people are more likely to save your spot in line and look out for each other once you're inside.

Originally Posted by danger View Post
I bring popsicles if it's hot. People are more likely to help you out later in case you get a fight with line cutters who didn't wait in line very long like what happened back in August in Hollywood for a Franz Ferdinand gig.
What happened?

boat of love

Originally Posted by AchtungMuse View Post
Apparently Google thought you were Jesus.
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