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Originally Posted by Lizzie310 View Post
Yeah he looks heaps skinny in photos from when he was younger, but I met him a few weeks ago and got a photo and I had my arm around him and he was actually fairly solid.
Dom feels like skin and bone though
Matt's broader than Dom, I've noticed that before, and seen pictures of Dom when I've felt there's nothing of him. He's very slender but, of course, has muscular arms with all that drumming, so... he looks healthy enough to me, he's just, sort of, not very wide and slim.

I think that when they were younger the reverse was true (well apart from the muscular arms bit) but both have changed as they've got older, as you do. Unless..Dom watches his weight of course. I wouldn't think he's anorexic though, he's too well built. Just vain I expect!

Though I don't want to be totally flippant, a couple of people have mentioned before being a bit worried about Dom, so hopefully he's okay.
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