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Originally Posted by weezul View Post
I wonder if the 250 ticket is standing at the front, or some sort of hospitality package. I'd pay 250 just to be in the pit... but it's borderline ridiculous for a standard ticket.
If it's the same as the Warchild gig in 2013, the regular tickets are downstairs standing, the 250 ones are likely to be VIP tickets in the balcony. Possibly with a free bar. Remember, standing at the back downstairs at SBE is similar to being on the barrier at a festival in terms of distance to the performers

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EDIT: Was able to ad my virtual card as a payment method, so I guess I can buy tickets with it. Still, the 'no physical card'-problem remains
Hmm, why not call TicketMaster and ask?

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My passport still shows my maiden name. Eek!
To be extra sure, your marriage certificate would complete the chain of authentication - daft, though! If you get tickets, I'd call up afterwards and ask how they'd like you to deal with it - there will be a process.
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