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Originally Posted by kirsty2stay View Post
I'm with you a little bit there, although CE literally made my night! I had such a massive (possibly a bit scary to the band as I was on the barrier) smile on my face throughout whilst also singing along. I left the gig so beyond disappointed, but I have since developed a striking pair of rose tinted glasses about the rest of the night. To be fair, I still feel like The Globalist was such a highlight. I had found that one such a snoozed fest on YouTube videos, but in person I loved it. I would have preferred TaB over UD, BUT at least I do actually really enjoy UD a lot. I'd have actually preferred a traditional barrier walk for that one from Matt, as I couldn't see him very well for most of it anyway and I was stood on the barrier so it would have been nice to experience that. I just can't stop smiling at CE, I've been wanting to hear that one live for so long! I'd say the only song left on Origin that I actually care about seeing is Dark Shines. I've been lucky enough to see PIB 4 times, Bliss twice, FG (if we want to call this lucky?) once and also Hyper Music once. So I'd love to see Dark Shines one day and that would be me happy with Origin. I've never been fussed about things like Futurism.
I think I personally just found it difficult to go from seeing them in such an amazingly intimate gig last year with a phenomenal setlist (Manchester) to seeing them on a more commercial scale this year. I'd much rather them start alternating club tours in between their arena and stadium tours as a regular thing, because I'd definitely go to as many of the smaller gigs as I could and then maybe go to one arena or stadium gig.
I was really lucky to see them in Newport last year but smaller venues mean fewer people get to see them and I feel bad that there are so many parts of the world who never see them at all. I know some US fans weren't able to get to shows this time because they were all too far away.
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