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Originally Posted by Half Life View Post
I don't know about that, but general guitar abuse (like chucking one away twice) usually seems to indicate that something's amiss. There was a bit of unintentional feedback at times through the amplifiers, so I wonder if that was also true of the in-ear monitors that the band have - if you can't hear properly what you sound like then it throws you off.
I saw Matt chucking the guitar once at the diamond stage at my end. When was the other occasion? It looked odd as it wasn't at the end of the gig and he didn't smash it up so it wasn't a cathartic moment for anybody and seemed a bit pointless.

Anyone else got post-gig depression? I won't be able to see them again this year though I know I was lucky to see them at all, and I saw them last year, too. I can't bear to wait another two or three years.
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