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Originally Posted by trilobyte View Post
The whole thing is probably made a bit worse because Muse just played the NSSN show. People who were there are dying to see the full show (which I can assure you is awesome, my gf and I went to Dublin last month to see them), and the people who weren't there but have been hearing the buzz don't want to miss out next time.

I've been trying to see Muse for so long. Work schedules and other circumstances prevented me from attending. I was so excited to hear Muse was playing NSSN. Then I was completely bummed after not being able to get tickets to that show. So I was absolutely determined to go to ANY show that Muse was playing in CA. Luckily, they were coming back to Oakland. And I got my presale tickets on the first try! Nothing will stop me from going this time around!
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