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Originally Posted by Kayleigh View Post
Thank you very much, I'm not that good at using the computer to draw/ paint! I need traditional media, couldn't do it otherwise By the way: your artworks are amazing, I wish I was that good with computer programms, and I'm especially impressed by the doodles because it needs a lot of skills to make everybody esle recognize the person you wanted to draw/ paint without any...original! I believe everybody who saw the doodles could recognize Matthew immediately!!!!
Aw, thank you! I've got Matt's face burned into my memory at this point having lurked PMT for two years almost daily now!

Originally Posted by frenziedsilence View Post
Woohoo, JUST finished a portrait of Dom. How sad that my Matt was deleted with the last thread.

Anyway, portrait behind spoiler.... I hope you like.

Wow! That is beautiful, especially those intense eyes!
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