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You cited two songs from Abso as great singles from their glory days, then a third from Abso as the start of "the rot." You realize those were all written and released around the same time, right?
Yeah I realize that, but in 2002-2003 Matt wasn't obsessed with writing pop songs. He did TIRO more as an experiment to see if he could rather than indicating that as a change in direction. Unfortunately it really was as evidenced by "Starlight", "Supermassive Black Hole", "Invincible" on the next album. Hell, 70% of the LP 5/6/7 are pop songs.

'Member when there used to be songs like "Falling Away With You", "Screenager", "Shrinking Universe", "Ruled by Secrecy", "Citizen Erased"? The problem is Muse understood 10 years ago that if they wrote more pop songs, they would make more money. Essentially they did what The Moody Blues did in the 1980s, sold out and made tons of money. "Your Wildest Dreams"...

I personally discovered the band via "Butterflies & Hurricanes", that was my gateway drug to Muse. Not pop crap.

At least with Radiohead, if you're 15 and the first thing you ever heard was "Burn the Witch", you didn't get robbed of artistry on the first go. "A Moon Shaped Pool" isn't Kid A/Amnesiac but it's a damn fine progressive art-rock album that shows you don't have to sell out at 40+.
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