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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
Nah, I think they still love being a rock band at heart. They practically live for moshing crowds and you can tell from interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff that they're still very much into their riffs.

The real pop-y stuff over the last 10 years has always been more of an excursion imo, the odd couple or few per album (Supermassive/Starlight, UD/IBTY, Madness/Follow Me/Panic, Dead Inside/Mercy/Revolt). It's just that those taking up the majority of the singles in that time means that that's the side they've established themselves as to a lot of people which, in turn, is probs what makes Matt feel compelled to put them in the set.
If I didn't know who Muse was aside from Madness and Uprising, and I went to a show on a whim with a friend, and the whole set was OoS and Abso era stuff, I'd be pretty disappointed and confused.
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