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Originally Posted by Clunge View Post
I do hope they answer this. We need answers.
Originally Posted by the aurora View Post
I love your "Would YOU pay 75 to see your current show?" question.
I'm fairly certain the question Frakkles posted as well as Clunge's won't get answered because they don't even make an attempt to be civil, they simply call the band out for injury. Highly unlikely unless they get edited IMO. The idea is sound but the delivery is botched
Originally Posted by kc2rxo View Post
His Holiness must be honored with love and praise.
Set forth your sacrifices for The Deliverer and he will bestow his Deliverance upon you so may we all live without sin.
For glory of Muse.
Praise him!
Originally Posted by shostakobitch View Post
Why don't you ban me at the boards while you're at it, because I don't want to be a member of this fucking loser's club anymore.
Originally Posted by Aquifa View Post
Everything is so obvious!!!
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