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you have a mutual friend when it comes to muse? that's so...well, that must be nice...i don't really get to talk much bout them or music in general since the friends i used to gush about music with are all pretty much elsewhere in the world now...and i don't have too many of those to begin with.

and what little gay frens i have are into stuff like ADnD, magic the gathering, warcraft and anime (ok, even the straight ones like bout the same stuff) so i'm pretty much on my own when it comes to my love for loud music (and by extension, muse). that or they're into other kinda bands, those with the atmospheric elements in their music, kinda like massive attack and björk and portishead and archive and stuff (tho i like them enough to listen occasionally, i don't really like them enough to follow or know too much about their stuff) or chick rock stuff like pj harvey and fiona apple...=((

and the straight people i know who are into music like those nu-metalish stuff like SOAD (which i quite like myself, but not as much as muse) and metallica and korn and yanno the drill...and from these bunch, not too many of them are into brit stuff, i'm afraid....other than the beatles. i don't even know anyone who's into radiohead. well not anyone i'm close with, anyway. passing acquaintance, maybe....which is not nearly enough, even.

so if i ever wanna talk about bands i like, it's sadly confined to online forums. and when i find fellow m'sian fans in said forums, well, eventho in reality we're prolly as far away from each other emotionally as the rest of the members from other parts of the world, it still just feels closer somehow, yanno? just an illusion, i know, but it has to be enough for now, i spose. =)

so yeah i'd make sure we treasure each other if i were you two...

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