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Originally Posted by iiduce100
yes, totally.

At least now Hedberg can play at somewhere that he gets some respect. He is supposed to be a number one goalie, but not deserved to be under Crowford's doghouse at all. All Crow sees in his eyes is Cloutier, Cloutier and Cloutier. I feel bad for Skudra last year, it's even more ridiculous with how Crowford handled the goalie situation this year. He is too biased.

yes, next year will be very likely Nazzie's final year. I really respect him, he could easily earn much more by playing at somewhere else, but I also think he's carrying too much pressure on his shoulders.

by the way, the jovo jumping up and down thing is one heck of an unforgettable scene for this disappointed series
Yeah, hedberg definitely wasn't given a fair chance. It really sucks because I love hedy. He's so awesome one-on-one and playing the puck. Well I think Cloutz is FINALLY coming into his own. He's improved a lot and was awesome during the playoffs. It's too bad he got hurt. I really think hedy could carry a team through the playoffs, whoever it may be next year. I'll miss him

Well Burke just announced today that if he stays, we're gonna have to make some pretty big changes with the team, even with the top players. So it's gonna be sad to see who's gonna go next year I just hope mo, nazzy, bert, cookie and the sedins will all be together. They can't break those guys up! Yeah, nazzy wasn't just carrying a load of pressure, but he was still injured from that damn steve moore hit. He has to get surgery right away for his elbow now. There's still bone fragments lying around. Damn that steve moore incident The dumbass commentators were all saying nazzy should go to the net, but I mean, he can't really afford to injure himself even more. But I guess they didn't know his elbow was still bothering him.

The jovo jump was CLASSIC. It was so adorable seeing him like that! It was even more heartbreaking seeing them interview the team after the game. Cookie looked like he was gonna cry I was so sad. I LOVE cookie to death. I'm hoping for next year now. No point in dwelling. I still love them
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