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Originally Posted by Mittle View Post
Hmmm. Yeah. Guess Ill need an active monitor then. Are there cheap active cabs? I just want to use it for laughs and feedback
In that case, just run it into your amp's effects loop return.

Originally Posted by Dominic. View Post
I don't believe so, you'll need to get some other form of poweramp for it. Or I've heard that a few people run it through some of their tube amp heads then into a cab, that's if you don't min a little colouration which may be a good or bad thing
Yeah, I've run my axe FX how I mentioned above, and I can't say it sounds like one would expect. It's really difficult to tweak the presence control on the amp to get it sounding natural

but really, I'm waiting for a certain manufacturer to come out with a powered monitor - I'm only really using with my 2012 13" macbook pro with upgraded solid state hard drive

I also need to get the floorboard for this. Do you plan to get a power amp for your kemper?
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