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"Undisclosed Desires" climbs to no. 26 on the Billboard Alternative songs chart this week with about 400 spins at 24 modern rock radio stations while "Uprising" moves back to recurrrent with just over 800 spins at 56 rock stations. "Uprising" is actually being played at more stations than the #1 song "The Catalyst" by Linkin Park (54) according to Mediabase where it is ranked at no. 12 and will be removed from the chart when it drops below no. 15.

UD will likely peak somewhere in the teens unless more stations add it to their playlists in the coming weeks. The cable TV channels (MTV and VH1 and Fuse) here are not playing any Muse videos these days.

"Uprising" may be ranked as the most played alternative song in 2010 in the USA when the chart year ends in December. The only song which could overtake it is "Savior" by Rise Against.
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