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"Undisclosed Desires" debuts at #37 on the Alternative Rock songs chart this week per Billboard while "Resistance" has been moved to recurrent because it likely dropped below No. 20 after spending 33 weeks on the chart. "Uprising" lost only about 50 plays last week so it likely remains on the chart. New singles by Linkin Park "The Catalyst" and Arcade Fire "Ready to Start" are among the other debuts besides UD. Chester Bennington of LP was reportedly at the Muse gig in Phoenix in April 2010 and was favorably impressed by their performance. His band's new song debuts at No. 3 this week. Almost all 57 Alternative radio stations in the USA have added "The Catalyst" to their playlists while only about 19 are currently playing the R&B/hip-hop flavored UD including KROQ in Los Angeles.
Billboard has now removed "Uprising" and "Resistance" from the Alternative songs chart after appearing on that chart for 52 weeks and 33 weeks, respectively. Both songs are now considered recurrents. "Uprising" is still getting significant airplay on almost all modern rock stations including KROQ where it was the seventh most played song on that station last week a year after it was released. Another trade Mediabase has "Uprising" still at no. 11 this week with 853 spins.

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