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Originally Posted by HaikuMarko View Post
I do have to admit I do love the guy but curse him for not playing the regular 18 song setlists!!! the BHAR tour and earlier legs had longer setlists.

Agreed, they all seem quite happy and enjoy playing this tour, I'm sure there is no problem whatsoever among them as a band.

They are in some ways, I remember reading that the guys have forgotten how to play some songs live as well, they really practiced this setlist that they really didn't practice other tunes. The current set up limits them on what they can do.

I'm sure their next tours will be great, if only they could integrate a solid 18-song setlist with 1 rarity at least both old and new fans will be happy. Although the towers were cool they should go.... and maybe their stage and new songs make it easier to transition to other material.

For example Nishe came back and SS remained well because they transition easily with other songs...even the recent Citizen Erased+Nishe was a nice transition and in the same guitar settings.

I believe Undisclosed will remain too... I doubt Matt wants to leave the Keytar, he'll for sure use it with newer material, it's very likeable, it was his favourite tune off The Resistance.

Anyways, that's my opinion... 18 song setlists+1 rarity among next tour's gigs. Do that and it'll be like the BHAR tour all over again (the best one imo).
The towers are infact not restrictive at all. Recent setlists have proven that tehy can actully get the towers to do anything, and if they had put there minds to it they really could have made each show unique by using different songs on the towersall the time etc etc.
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