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Originally Posted by SerpentSatellite View Post
Do you have the exact same head shape and features?
Things look different on everyone and suit different people better, obvs.
Well... Uhm... * blushes * As a 23-years-old young man, I'm a pitiful "shorty" (more or less 1,61 metres tall) and I'm almost as scrawny and skinny as Matt was during his 20s, with a pointy face but a square-like jaw, a long aquiline nose and a smile which is a sort of crossover between Damon Albarn's and Jack Nicholson's. But, although being a bit misplaced, at least my teeth are perfectly healthy with none missing.

Well, I don't if I've given you a good idea on how I look...
You've got the Readers and Books, babe... Now I am literalized!
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