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Saya juga dalam kalangan yg sedang menentang Penentangan! Tapi saya rasa sudah sampai tahap hendak meletup. Saya dah download 'leak' album tu dan saya dah masukkan ke dalam iPod saya dan saya juga sudah burn ke dalam CD & bg kepada rakan2 saya. Sangat tergoda untuk mendengarnya, harap album tu betul2 sampai pada September 14 atau mungkin saya akan terjun bangunan kerana merana sangat!

Nampaknya ada berita yg mendukacitakan

I'm just off the phone with the store, and I've got some info that will probably be appreciated here:

Apparently, at the store they're trying to fool the system into doing what they want it to, at the moment, and the statuses you get on the "My Orders" page are not representative of the actual status of the order.

To begin with:

"Dispatched in part"

Apparently, this is a glitch in the system relating to delivery being held on the system as an item, so, the delivery method has "dispatched", but not the item.

EDIT: I would advise writing an email to when this shows up, as they seem to have no idea what's going on - I have had it with my Uprising single and I'm still chasing after it.


Apparently, this isn't the case. I queried my "dispatched" box set to find out it was awaiting packing. Apparently the aim is to have these on doorsteps by the 14th - not sure if this will actually be the case.

So there we go. If you don't get a dispatch email, it probably hasn't left the warehouse.

/dose of realism

Sorry for any crushed dreams.
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Saya inginkan Penentangan pada hari Isnin!!!

EDIT: Saya telah menyemak status order saya, sekarang sudah "Dispatched" ! Masih ada harapan lagi

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