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Originally Posted by nerd herd View Post
I would’ve suggested new guitar for Bs, but K&T couldn’t handle that level of excitement so soon.

Neu pedlol in October. I’m surprised the other batch hasn’t been put on sale yet. I’ll let you know as soon as/if I find out any more deets about them though.
Let's not forget that brexit caused Bs to request that last custom... do we need another event like that for him to buy another guitar?

Sounds like you have some kind of inside information. And that seems like a fairly long build time for a pedal.

Originally Posted by Bs View Post
I only just got my new one back anyway so I don't think that's going to happen, haha! I'm pretty much broke these days anyway, so I think three will forever be the magic number to be honest, haha!
Three won't be forever the magic number as you're only pretty much broke these days.

But if you did get another knobby creation, would it be a 7 string again?
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