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The following Muse songs have each spent one week on the Spain Singles Top 50 Download chart compiled by Productores de Música de España (Promusicae):

Survival 01/07/2012 #25 Peak Position
Madness 26/08/2012 #30
Psycho 15/03/2015 #25
Mercy 24/05/2015 #49
Dig Down 28/05/2017 #39

The last three tracks however did not appear on the new Spain Top 100 Songs [Streaming + Downloads + Physical Sales] chart introduced in early 2015 because they did not generate enough streaming equivalents. The same thing happened with 'Dig Down' in the UK, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Switzerland and Belgium were the exceptions where the track did rank among the Top 100 Singles.


While most music industry people laud streaming, there are some who beg to differ:

'Streaming (and Ed Sheeran) have ruined the charts forever – here's why'

¡Enhorabuena al Real Madrid y a toda su afición por la duodécima!

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