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Originally Posted by diamond_writer View Post
YKYATMW you're giving tutorials on this stuff

-Medium to long hair (that'll at least cover up your collarbone)
-Music stuff (obviously)
-A long t-shirt and undershirt (the undershirt doesn't have to be long, and by long I mean it can reach to your pockets of your pants)

You put your iPod/mp3 whatever in your pocket like you're listening to it, cover that up with your shirt so no one sees it sticking out, then take your headphones and slide them up inbetween your shirt and undershirt. Have them coming out through the collar of your shirt, but not too long or else you'll see the wire. Then you put your headphones in your ears, cover them up with hair and voila-they'll never know

Basically, if you were listening to music, put a t-shirt on and make sure no noe can see your headphones

PS- Don't play it too loudly or they'll hear (depending on the max volume but its happened to me and I'm lucky enough that my friend pointed it out [I told him about my plan so it works well ])

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