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YKYATMW you're told to answer questions in a book for some English thing, it asks "How could you describe your friend whose a good swimmer?" or something like that and you reply with "I'd tell them they're like a pwoper fish in the water! xD"

YKYATMW you use Matt, Dom, Chris, Morgan, Tom and Dan (as in trumpet man) as names for school assignments all the time.

YKYATMW the only time you raise your hand to answer a maths question is because the guys name was Matt.

YKYATMW your face looks like for an hour because you're watching History Channel 2, ashow called The Universe (3 Guesses on what its about ) and they mention Supermassive Black Holes

YKYTMW you start interrogating the art teacher on some kid's assignment that looks almost exactly like Matt in the Bliss video (he had slightly orange skin, spiky red hair, weird-collared red shirt, black pants and a falling pose, coincidence? I hope not! I've been begging for a Muser to be near me )

YKYATMW this all happened just today
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