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Originally Posted by trad3mark View Post
well, the endless bad news about my guitar building career never stops...

firstly, i'm still waiting on the body for my first build. i'm going to ring shortly to see wtf is the story.

secondly, the government totally sucks. and payroll too. Basically, i was due to get my tax back friday just gone. DENIED! payroll screwed me over in a big way, and now that i'm finished working there, it's going to be a lot harder to get my monies. fortunately, my manager is a really nice guy, and after i explained how payroll fucked up he said, quote "ok, i'll ring on monday and sort them the fuck out" he doesn't curse a lot, so serious business. the only plus is that im due 900 in tax back now. so fuck yah!!

finally, because i only got paid 150 in the last pay packet, i cant afford power tools or pickups.

would anyone care for some high res renders of my build though?
haha you still havent got the first build sorted yet? you should stop with all these "future build" ideas then
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