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Originally Posted by Gianni27 View Post
Scarlet Mist (They Have A List Of Fraudsters On Their Site)
Another ticket outlet not known to you (Official or Unofficial)


Ask for the email address, ticket confirmation no. & postal address, then where they purchased the tickets

After acquiring that


Log into the site yourself where it was bought from to verify this.

If still in doubt call the ticket outlet with those details, if it all checks out then they are 100% good if not then don't even consider buying them.

If you are you still not 100% ask for a pic of the tickets & match the ticket order no. to it, itís always/uusally printed on the ticket with a date as well.
make sure u ask before u bid too as some people dont want to give out these details as you could tell the ticket agent they sold them on.

also i aint sure it would help, they could buy one genuine pair with a ref no etc then make lots of copies.
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